The Dance of Threads and Findings

071012stripedblsblkpntsHello All…..holidays upon us. This beautiful set has sold, but it does tickle my fancy! Why oh why aren’t there more threads like this made today? I just sold the navy snow suit, and saying good bye to that sweetie will break my vintage heart. Simple threads sewn together in the most amazing way, zippers, buttons, cuffs, collars, all like goodies on an ice cream sundae, and can you just imagine the joy of the threads as they weave in and out, forming works of art, thrilling the wearer and all who gaze upon her? We are fortunate to enjoy and wear these works of art, for it is a rare language indeed that few enjoy. I do like the mishmash hippie look, slapped together from bits and pieces. Please do stop by Vintage Lucy and take a look…..we are ready to shoot and add new listings, and there are soo many new and unique looks for you to enjoy, every thread and garment finding is begging to be noticed especially this time of year, so smooth and sleek against the skin, delighting in your every movement, a true holiday present for you and you alone. Enjoy the spirit!

Oh How Sweet,
To Meet Vintage Walking By

081314TurqSuitTime does fly and I have been busy as always playing with my vintage collections, deciding which beauties to add to Vintage Lucy for your shopping and viewing pleasure. This beautiful suit just came to me from a New York estate, and I was so thrilled I nearly jumped up and danced! I am sure you feel that way when you find vintage garments that you dream of, just as I do. Don’t let these warmer months get away from you…..come to Vintage Lucy and spend some leisure time looking about for that one special vintage find that has been waiting for you, and only you. We love to hear from you, so email if you have questions or want to have an offer button added. Any serious offer will be considered, as the most important thing is that each precious item finds a good home where it will be loved. Have a fabulous day full of dreamy encounters, for they are the spice of life.


Welcome to my new blog!

For those of you who know me already, welcome back! To those who I’m yet to meet, thank you for visiting – I hope you’ll find something you love! Click here to find out more about me.

This new blog will give me a place to share tips and tricks like how to make your dresses pop with crinolines and other accessories, as well as an opportunity to share news with you, when exciting new items are added to my eBay shop.

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