What a Vintage Dress Can Say

I’m Just saying……I represent the exceptional girls on the street and their grand interest in purity of motive and truth and love in all things fashionable, clothes, accessories, cars, household belongings including fine and fabulous art. What is the world without purity of motive in art and all that makes humanity such a treasure?  The colors, the fabric, the weight and buttons and lace the thoughts of the wearer…..all creating a sign of the time, to be inspirational always…everyone wondering what it is about this dress that makes us smile and want to be around, touching and feeling? More on this story later, as this one is still in the making…..blooming with new moments as they appear in the atmosphere.

092612FlapperMiniDresYes, the traumatized and ever changing atmosphere…..what are we to do? Change is coming and we all feel it, even if we are hiding away in denial. I would do so if I could, but am mesmerized by the thought of all things being made new, with respect and love our touch tone earmarks, uniting us all in the sweet walk of life. As the coarse and selfish fall by the wayside, even in fashion which is how we present ourselves, new old and seasoned beauties and memories will come to the foreground, striking fresh cords in our Earthly song and dance. At Vintage Lucy we adore what is happening, and will wear the weaves of vintage everywhere we go, delighting in it’s solid purity and heavenly projections, for all to see, feel and enjoy, just as our smiles and love create same. We will not sigh at what has been lost, but rather at what will be gained. Have you read about the Great Year? This sweet sheer dress will welcome and spice up ever day life…..and so many other vintage treasures to seek out. Do stop in to Vintage Lucy and/or other hiding vintage places, where you will find memories threads to past tranquility to bring on the new days!


Vintage Spring and Summer Jackets and Coats

032815GrnWhtPldJktI am adding many unique chic spring and summer jackets, all one of a kind, so you can spread vintage magic all about every time you wear these precious pieces. Dress them up with fancy long skirts and slacks, or down with your favorite jeans. Vintage, vintage, vintage, what more can I say? Vintage Lucy thrives on your return visits and those of your friends, so do stop by often and add to your collection. Each piece is chosen with great care, then carefully and professionally restored, and don’t forget the years of memory magic in every thread. They are always with the new owner adding to the charm and attractiveness, making you unforgettable, so passers by will look back and remember you, and maybe even walk back and say “hi, would you mind if I walk a while with you, through the streets and gardens?” that is the magic of vintage. Don’t forget to ask for a hand made Vintage Lucy satin rose which I am always happy to include as a gift. Wonder about these spring days and enjoy the weather. Don’t forget your vintage umbrella, just in case, look about at all you can see and feel, leaving your electronic devices hidden away so they do not distract you from your walk. There is so much to enjoy in your vintage treasure. Thank you  for stopping by and spreading the word, as we so enjoy and appreciate your company, questions and suggestions. Have a most lovely day and hopefully we will see you soon.

Rare Navy Wool Women’s Snow Suit

020115NvySnwSutSmlI Have been away for a while……I’ll keep you guessing on that one. To start anew I am presenting this truly precious find, a 40s navy blue wool women’s snow suit with a biker style jacket, chrome pocket zippers and all with that wide distinctive collar to be worn up against the wind or down flat laying quietly on the shoulders. Do stop by Vintage Lucy soon, to see all of the other tantalizing tempting goodies newly listed there for you. I just did another photo shoot today, so more new treasures to view tomorrow. Keep smiling and sparkling the world with your vintage beauties, for there is no magic like vintage magic, mix and match, wear dressed up or down, no matter, you’ll be spreading cheer where ever you are. Thank you for your continued business and do tell your friends about Vintage Lucy, too. We promise to treat you all with kindness and timely support, as you are cherished and we think of you all every moment we are working on our loved presentations.

A Summer Breeze & Magic Vintage Dreams

There are only vintage dreams here, threads with magic in every stitch, who would want less? New made clothing, mass produced, most often in places and ways we would find upsetting. Vintage coming to us from more caring production years of the past, taken care of with love over the years, to finally make their way into our hearts and hands, to charm everyone we meet. Come to Vintage Lucy and spend some valuable time dreaming of these precious past moments on you, adding even more spice and joy to every thread. We aren’t just talking clothes here, but inspiration for every event when you wear your treasured Vintage Lucy selections, and do not think the magic the threads carry will not effect the delight of your events, for they surely will, as much as you believe in such things. Dream a dream of a Vintage Lucy garment on you.

Tripping other Dimensions, Now We’re Back

Lot’s of new light weight sweaters and jackets, skirts, and dresses …unique pieces you will find only here. Whew! It’s getting wild out there, even in Vintage Land! Please email us if you want to make an offer on items with no offer buttons…..or create a collection and ask for a discount …remember the more items in your collection, the higher the discount. Stop back often and be ready for some fun!

Dreamed Vintage Last Night

I had wonderful vintage dreams last night! These precious dreams, whenever they do come to me, leave me filled with joy. Am I not truly possessed? Yes, I think I am…..so had to awaken and show you this super sheer flocked beauty, that I was pleased to find and list not too long ago. Please stop in to Vintage Lucy and take a peek at the supporting photos..so many details in one little vintage treasure. Good morning to you all and have a fabulous day. Dream a dream of vintage on you the next time you sleep, such a soothing experience, always leaves me feeling cherished and sweet, like I try to be.

Happy Holidays

Hello All, Happy Holidays!

…still adjusting here to our new computer system…so a bit slow getting going on this blog…… Wanted to stop and say a Big Happy Holidays to everyone. We’re busy elves here, wrapping and shipping, and shooting photos of new amazing vintage to list soon.

Thought for the day…”vintage bed jackets”. They make great gifts and can be worn not only as cozy cover sitting up in bed, but quirky chic as day jackets over dresses and skirts, with jeans and slacks. You might just start a trend in your circle of friends. A Very unique and inspired look…..so quickly these sweet little jackets can become mix and match favorites. Will be listing some soon, so please do stop back. Have fun shopping Vintage Lucy…..why not splurge and buy yourself a holiday gift!