Colorful Floral Party Dress with Bare Back

101615FlrFSunDSmlHello out there! Here is a sweet sun dress. I know it is fall in the northern hemisphere, but a pretty body top in contrasting color underneath will make this charming dress a colder climate must-have. Check out the clear Lucite plastic Vintage Lucy high-heeled bow sandals to wear with this cutie. As ever, each day is magical, every physical item we see and experience is created by our very powerful minds, so let true vintage fill your life with originality and joy. Mass produced items of today do not share their timeless history with us or with those we come in contact with. Only vintage can do that, so do stop by and find a precious dress, ensemble, coat, or jacket to wear like the good friend it will surely be to you. Can’t thank you enough for your support all these years. I am here to help and answer questions any time, just spending moments away at the drawing board or in shooting photos. Hugs to you all this wonderful fall season.

Vintage Weaving Hidden Waves and Hills

060115TangFDSmlAHello, dearest, most wonderful friends and vintage-loving customers. Just needed to let you know I am still at it, seeking, searching and filing away, steaming and doing photo shoots, ever readying to list new beauties for your enjoyment. I do not get here to my little vintage blog near enough, and I know that. I suppose it is hard for me to stop and write about the goings-on. Too busy making it happen to stop and write. This sweet dress has a drape that can be worn over the front neckline or the back, two fresh looks in one treasure. And…there are many new vintage ensembles, dresses, jackets, and tops listed. I am about to list some funky and very spunky 60s play dresses perfect to wear with tights, socks and boots or over pants and jeans. Stop back soon, to my work-of-love Vintage Lucy or to this blog, and I promise to try even very much harder to write here more often. Still I am sure you are all out there delighting the world with your vintage outfits, and creating so many openings for those hidden memories in every thread to find their way out into our world, to play about quite magically even when none of us have the slightest idea they are out there doing their tricks on our every day lives. Ha! What a circus we cause, with all of this unknown playful dreaminess weaving hidden waves and hills.

Ethnic Skirt with a Sheer Top

040815EthncFSkrtTopAs surely as the weather bounces around, winter one day, summer the next, you can always count on Vintage Lucy styles to jazz up your life and keep everyone guessing. Where did she find that? OMG….never a dull moment with the girl. You can carry your vintage secret well, never telling where those fashions come from unless you really like the person asking, then you can share your magic secret, just around the corner at the nearest key board device, and they too can find the joy you have found wearing Vintage Lucy one-of-a-kind works of fabric and art from beautiful dreamy days gone by, when fashion told a story and opened eyes wide, just imagining the long-ago moments stored in every thread….add your vintage accessories and walk with your head held high so you can see the smiles you provoke. How cozy vintage is, more an experience than just a style statement…you’re wearing cherished memories radiating warm vibrations with every step you take, every smile you create.

New Vintage Full Skirts and Dresses


Happy Easter! We have no baskets and bunny rabbits here, but we do have lots of delightful full skirts and dresses ready to list and will be at it all this month, so get out your crinolines and stop by for one-of-a-kind Vintage Lucy magic making treasures. Just slip into these beauties, or mix and match the ensembles with your wardrobe favorites, and you’re ready to walk out into the world, sighing pretty while bringing smiles to all who catch a glimpse of you. It’s all so easy when you’re stuck on vintage. You’ll always know you are unique and inspirational, and in today’s world that is hard to come by……everyone looking the same put together from new mass produced boredom…….but, we have vintage, precious recycled memories full of love and mystery. Wear fun shoes, maybe colorful fold-over ankle socks, find your saddle shoes, mary janes and biker boots. Don’t forget vintage hats, shawls and jewelry. Put it all together and there you are, a work of art and playfulness that will bring smiles to everyone. Come to Vintage Lucy as soon as you can, so the creating will begin anew, with timeless artistic pieces just for you, each one looking for a forever home where they will be deeply loved and worn with excitement and gentle care.

Made in England, 40s/50s Wool Coat or Robe, Never Worn Vintage

111614BrwnRobeSmlAnother unique chic vintage beauty from Vintage Lucy, most cozy and never worn as far as we can see. Warm fall colors in a precious 40s English plaid, finest wool blend, with fancy sculpted belt loops for the original colorful twisted cord tie belt with long tassels that matches all the trim on pockets, around collar and down center front. A gift from Vintage Heaven and you know where that is. Wear this amazing garment as a coat and you’ll surely get rave reviews, or as a cozy robe on cold winter nights, either way you have a collectible treasure that will bring joy to everyone that gets a chance to see you in such a fabulous vintage find.  I hope you are having a wonderful early winter, as so many of us are experiencing. Come see us soon at Vintage Lucy and bring your friends for holiday shopping. Oh Happy Days!

Holiday Magic

100613WhtPantSuitTopFall is here, almost gone, and soon we may have snow, so I have added a sweater under this amazing 60s Pant Suit, never worn, waiting for a forever home, so get out your favorite platform heels and funky hippie jewelry, and have a ball at Holiday parties. More sweet suits to be added shortly, and cozy warm ensembles… many more new vintage treasures on the way ready for your viewing and dreaming, so do stop by often and take a look about. You never know what you may find in Vintage Lucy these days. We feel very inspired for the Holidays and hope you will feel the same, ready to bring on the magic that only vintage can offer.

Vintage Magic For Our World

081014Blk40sDSmlDestiny, when everything is connected, a beautiful well made 40s party dress with a sequined flower adorning the left chest from sought-after designer Paul Sachs, and this beauty just happens into your life, looking for a forever home, split sleeves and a wide attached sash at the hips, an authentic very vintage dress. It’s almost fall now, and we have so many new sweaters and  skirts to list, all the finest vintage…..I am working at the computer daily creating dreamy photographs for Vintage Lucy, soon to be added for your viewing pleasure. Do stop by and enjoy this magic vintage, just as you always do.  It will never let you down, as you walk the streets of boring ready made clothing draping droned bodies, you will stand out in your own unique way wearing treasures that carry memories and the spice of life, who can compete with that? Add your own twists, with colorful socks and Jewelry, a wild picture shawl, or sweater/coat….giving life to the world when it seems a bit topsy turvy…we the vintage lovers walk our way and set a new standard, one of fun and stability, that sparks a new light in the world, it really does!

Oh How Sweet,
To Meet Vintage Walking By

081314TurqSuitTime does fly and I have been busy as always playing with my vintage collections, deciding which beauties to add to Vintage Lucy for your shopping and viewing pleasure. This beautiful suit just came to me from a New York estate, and I was so thrilled I nearly jumped up and danced! I am sure you feel that way when you find vintage garments that you dream of, just as I do. Don’t let these warmer months get away from you…..come to Vintage Lucy and spend some leisure time looking about for that one special vintage find that has been waiting for you, and only you. We love to hear from you, so email if you have questions or want to have an offer button added. Any serious offer will be considered, as the most important thing is that each precious item finds a good home where it will be loved. Have a fabulous day full of dreamy encounters, for they are the spice of life.


Shining Through with your Inspired Vintage Looks

052814MuslnCprDsetCompI am back again, not soon enough, but have been so busy listing new unique Vintage Lucy treasures, that I hardly have time to think up dreamy words about how vintage clothing is sooo unique and important in creating a look that only you will have, and it is recycling forgotten and remembered special events that have seasoned others lives…..what more can anyone ask of a garment? I hope you will be one of us, a vintage lover, if you are not already on board. We, the dreamers imagining new twists, new special aged accessories to change an outfit’s mood, mixing eras and makeup styles, always adding delight to our looks as we walk down the street, making others smile and take a second and maybe a third look. Even when times are difficult out there in the world, an inspired look can light up a street and bring joy to passers by, so correct continue, keep shining through!

Authentic Vintage Treasures Galore Added Daily

It’s getting cold out there these days, at least in our part of the globe. We’re adding vintage beauties for all kinds of weather, since our cherished return customers are all over this wild world. We’re busy thinking positive while we list new vintage every day and hope you are thinking positive also, as when our minds connect, we believe we create what we long for and dream of….and these days the world needs all the happiness and joy we can imagine, right? And more Vintage Lucy Magic, always more vintage magic to keep our hearts feeling spirited.

Here we have a truly rare little 50s 100% wool button art sweater with a collectible pleated full skirt….think mix and match with your other wardrobe favorites. We have ensembles being listed as fast as our fingers can hit the computer keys, and we hope you will enjoy looking them over. As always, we try to place approximate sizes in the titles, but do go by the listed measurements to be sure of a good fit. Have a fabulous season, cold or warm, all we need is the sun shining some days to remind us all how wonderful our world is….oh, here’s to more Happy Vintage Days!