The Dance of Threads and Findings

071012stripedblsblkpntsHello All…..holidays upon us. This beautiful set has sold, but it does tickle my fancy! Why oh why aren’t there more threads like this made today? I just sold the navy snow suit, and saying good bye to that sweetie will break my vintage heart. Simple threads sewn together in the most amazing way, zippers, buttons, cuffs, collars, all like goodies on an ice cream sundae, and can you just imagine the joy of the threads as they weave in and out, forming works of art, thrilling the wearer and all who gaze upon her? We are fortunate to enjoy and wear these works of art, for it is a rare language indeed that few enjoy. I do like the mishmash hippie look, slapped together from bits and pieces. Please do stop by Vintage Lucy and take a look…..we are ready to shoot and add new listings, and there are soo many new and unique looks for you to enjoy, every thread and garment finding is begging to be noticed especially this time of year, so smooth and sleek against the skin, delighting in your every movement, a true holiday present for you and you alone. Enjoy the spirit!

Shining Through with your Inspired Vintage Looks

052814MuslnCprDsetCompI am back again, not soon enough, but have been so busy listing new unique Vintage Lucy treasures, that I hardly have time to think up dreamy words about how vintage clothing is sooo unique and important in creating a look that only you will have, and it is recycling forgotten and remembered special events that have seasoned others lives…..what more can anyone ask of a garment? I hope you will be one of us, a vintage lover, if you are not already on board. We, the dreamers imagining new twists, new special aged accessories to change an outfit’s mood, mixing eras and makeup styles, always adding delight to our looks as we walk down the street, making others smile and take a second and maybe a third look. Even when times are difficult out there in the world, an inspired look can light up a street and bring joy to passers by, so correct continue, keep shining through!

Something to Think About

Thought I would add a little flavor to the day. Crop signs coming to us from another dimension. Very exciting! How many of us watch them and consider what they mean? Along with the many other signs of our times. Another favorite of mine, the second sun appearing more and more to the naked eye.

This second sun showed itself in Wichita, Kansas on August 11th, 2013. No trick photography, just Universal magic at it’s best. So wear these images in your heart as you wear your precious vintage fashions on your body…….creating an overall effect inside and out….that can only be found amazingly attractive by all who have the pleasure of being in your presence throughout the day. Come to Vintage Lucy and find an inspired garment with magic in each thread….life is a dream, after all.

New Summer Suits, Dresses & Ensembles

Showing this newly listed pebble finish rich navy summer suit, in a classic Jackie O style…..beautifully trimmed Peter Pan lapel collar, fully lined in silky navy crepe. Just add vintage jewelry and maybe a contrasting blouse underneath and you’re set to go. Enjoy!

The hot weather is upon us, evening parties and afternoon teas, all out doors and what could be more fun than wearing our treasured vintage? Vintage Lucy is listing many new luscious warm weather suits, ensembles, separates, and dresses this month, magic found at estate sales and brought to our doors by stylish ladies of yesteryear. Stop by soon and bring your friends. Don’t forget to play mix and match with ensemble separates…with new items found today and with your wardrobe favorites waiting for a fresh new look. Happy Summer!

Vintage Mood Swings as Spring Comes and Goes

Just saying a quick “hi” here. We’ve been forever reorganizing after our move to New York. It does take so much time, and just when we think we’re done, up pops another box or new deliveries, then we are at it all over again.

These days the weather surprises us most of the time, one day freezing, the next day it’s 80! What are we vintage lovers to do? Buy for the cold and warm days year round, learn to dress up our light weight cottons with sweaters and tights, boots or sandals? Hmmmm. It is getting very tricky. We best keep a smile on our faces, as the fickle weather gives us great reason to shop and buy what ever our wayward spirit tells us at any given moment. No need to have a plan as these days all plans are rendered null and void. It all opens our inner doors to freedom and fancy in our never ending search for the elusive rare vintage find that will somehow satisfy our dreams for the moment, and transform us to be the unusual trend setters that we certainly are…..”oh vintage, drape us in your mysterious stories!” Vintage Lucy will try hard these days as always to keep up with listing new playful kitsch items along with the elegant party dresses that are so classy and sought after. Stop by and don’t forget to email and ask questions as you shop, as we are almost always here to help and love answering your questions! Will add some new photos of treasures here very shortly, as soon as we catch our breath. Oh Happy Vintage Day! I dreamed of vintage last night. Did you?

Be your own sweet Valentine, too

Find a little treasure for yourself in Vintage Lucy, something sweet and touching with memories in every thread, carry all those hopes and dreams from times gone by forward into your own life.

Never Worn 50s Rose and Bows Sun Dress.

Sweet Magic, oh, Sweet Magic…..A Little Vintage Valentine Present just for you, maybe one or two……like this sweet polished cotton sun dress, ready for your Valentine’s day dinner or party. This beauty has been waiting for it’s own precious story for over fifty years, make it yours and dance the night away, then ready it for yet another day.


Dreaming of and Playing with Vintage

Moire Taffeta 50s Dress with Heart Scatter Skirt

The Holidays are over. Valentine’s Day is soon to be. Spring is just around the corner. Still the weather keeps us guessing with it’s never ending twists and turns…then there’s monster waves, moaning and singing Earth tones, comets and shooting stars, shaking Earth and so much more to make us wonder at the times…  We could all do with a little normal these days….something to make us believe every thing is as it should be.

True vintage with it’s playful, treasured history gives us a steady, sure past, one we can believe in, one full of movie stars, silent films, cherished times when children played outside making stone and stick cities in the grass, blanket tents hanging from the clothesline, and dressing up in grannie’s and gramp’s old clothes….long before the days of electronics zooming around and in our heads like so many worried frenzied bugs and bees. Think real true vintage! Maybe a full skirt with a lovely sheer blouse, or a cotton dress with buttons and pockets and colorful twists and turns you can no longer find on new clothes these days. Oh sure, there are mass produced retro clothes, styled after the treasures of the past, but they are not the real thing. They only pretend to be inspirational, carrying no hidden love stories within their quiet threads. Come to Vintage Lucy and find a precious gift from times gone by, one that will drape you in past times when we could count on the beauty of a summer’s day and the chilly wind of a winter’s night, when our minds were free to wonder far away from time that moves too fast without care for our sweet souls so craving all we miss…find that comfort in true authentic, playful vintage, mix it up, dream of the “unique chic” on you, and bring back the magic of long afternoons when we were children playing dress up! All things true and wonderful will come back to you.

Why Vintage?

Welcome to Vintage! Just starting here with my new blog….so there may be some unexpected quirkiness until I get my sea legs. Please do stop by my eBay store and peruse the collection….there are new beauties added frequently, and now things should speed up some with my fancy new computer on board.

First, I wanted to say, when you’re buying vintage you may pay more per piece, but remember you’re paying for the “mystery history” and the charisma that history has brought to the piece, even if you don’t see it, and most often you don’t unless someone has added a cherished button or some other such momento. You are also paying for the loving search that went into seeking out the item, inspecting it for flaws and determining if the piece can be artfully saved and presented…this process takes a lot of creativity and experience in itself. You should be delighted to know that the vintage treasures you are looking at and considering in Vintage Lucy are all one-of-a-kind…not massed produced anymore, even if they ever were a long time ago. “Now” they are chosen and loved, each sweet item, by the presenter, me….hopefully, all presenters are vintage lovers as I surely am, but you will have to ascertain that for yourselves each time you try a new store or seller. So, these thoughts for your consideration… post I’ll rave about some fun we can all have modifying our looks by how we wear our vintage and what accessories we add. Many of you probably play around for those quirky looks already, but here we can share our ideas. You just can’t get intense fun like that and the mystery charisma when you’re buying new stuff! And….buying new stuff is not recycling, another added bonus to vintage buying!

Welcome to my new blog!

For those of you who know me already, welcome back! To those who I’m yet to meet, thank you for visiting – I hope you’ll find something you love! Click here to find out more about me.

This new blog will give me a place to share tips and tricks like how to make your dresses pop with crinolines and other accessories, as well as an opportunity to share news with you, when exciting new items are added to my eBay shop.

I hope you’ll bookmark this page and share it with friends – and please feel free to hit that comment button below to tell me what you think about the new site. Thanks again for stopping by!