What a Vintage Dress Can Say

I’m Just saying……I represent the exceptional girls on the street and their grand interest in purity of motive and truth and love in all things fashionable, clothes, accessories, cars, household belongings including fine and fabulous art. What is the world without purity of motive in art and all that makes humanity such a treasure?  The colors, the fabric, the weight and buttons and lace the thoughts of the wearer…..all creating a sign of the time, to be inspirational always…everyone wondering what it is about this dress that makes us smile and want to be around, touching and feeling? More on this story later, as this one is still in the making…..blooming with new moments as they appear in the atmosphere.

092612FlapperMiniDresYes, the traumatized and ever changing atmosphere…..what are we to do? Change is coming and we all feel it, even if we are hiding away in denial. I would do so if I could, but am mesmerized by the thought of all things being made new, with respect and love our touch tone earmarks, uniting us all in the sweet walk of life. As the coarse and selfish fall by the wayside, even in fashion which is how we present ourselves, new old and seasoned beauties and memories will come to the foreground, striking fresh cords in our Earthly song and dance. At Vintage Lucy we adore what is happening, and will wear the weaves of vintage everywhere we go, delighting in it’s solid purity and heavenly projections, for all to see, feel and enjoy, just as our smiles and love create same. We will not sigh at what has been lost, but rather at what will be gained. Have you read about the Great Year? This sweet sheer dress will welcome and spice up ever day life…..and so many other vintage treasures to seek out. Do stop in to Vintage Lucy and/or other hiding vintage places, where you will find memories threads to past tranquility to bring on the new days!


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