Colorful Floral Party Dress with Bare Back

101615FlrFSunDSmlHello out there! Here is a sweet sun dress. I know it is fall in the northern hemisphere, but a pretty body top in contrasting color underneath will make this charming dress a colder climate must-have. Check out the clear Lucite plastic Vintage Lucy high-heeled bow sandals to wear with this cutie. As ever, each day is magical, every physical item we see and experience is created by our very powerful minds, so let true vintage fill your life with originality and joy. Mass produced items of today do not share their timeless history with us or with those we come in contact with. Only vintage can do that, so do stop by and find a precious dress, ensemble, coat, or jacket to wear like the good friend it will surely be to you. Can’t thank you enough for your support all these years. I am here to help and answer questions any time, just spending moments away at the drawing board or in shooting photos. Hugs to you all this wonderful fall season.

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