Dreamy Gray 60s Vintage Lucy Belted Gray Mini Coat

022515GrayCoatSmlWell, here I am again…some interesting comments have come through, don’t quite know what to do with them just yet, but I will say the perspective I write from is my own. with the only inspiration coming from my way of seeing the world we live in. So here goes again:

We are highlighting in this post an adorable wool belted coat by Betti Ruth from the 60s….quite dreamy really, like new with very little if any wear. We can imagine where it has been hiding all this time, in what closet, or fashion house back storage, waiting for it’s true life to begin. Vintage Lucy loves this cutie, and I am Vintage Lucy! I will continue with my thoughts on magic and memories in the threads in a bit. I must run now, as I hear some vintage beauties calling me from my studio wanting to be included in the next photo shoot, but I will be back, I promise, later today……oooops….so sorry, I let down my promise to you.

I have done several photo shoots, though, so more new precious vintage beauties will soon be listed. I am doing lots of coats and sweaters, and some skirts to wear them with. Do stop by at Vintage Lucy and experience the thrill of tiny bits of unusual fascinating lives lived in between the threads….read of string theory and quantum physics so you can imagine all of the secrets living within each treasured piece. The more we talk of age and vintage, the more time weaves surprises for us in our present lifetimes. We may not feel them directly, but they are there just the same. Vintage is magic and I do love it so. I hope you do too.

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