Ethnic Skirt with a Sheer Top

040815EthncFSkrtTopAs surely as the weather bounces around, winter one day, summer the next, you can always count on Vintage Lucy styles to jazz up your life and keep everyone guessing. Where did she find that? OMG….never a dull moment with the girl. You can carry your vintage secret well, never telling where those fashions come from unless you really like the person asking, then you can share your magic secret, just around the corner at the nearest key board device, and they too can find the joy you have found wearing Vintage Lucy one-of-a-kind works of fabric and art from beautiful dreamy days gone by, when fashion told a story and opened eyes wide, just imagining the long-ago moments stored in every thread….add your vintage accessories and walk with your head held high so you can see the smiles you provoke. How cozy vintage is, more an experience than just a style statement…you’re wearing cherished memories radiating warm vibrations with every step you take, every smile you create.

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