Vintage Spring and Summer Jackets and Coats

032815GrnWhtPldJktI am adding many unique chic spring and summer jackets, all one of a kind, so you can spread vintage magic all about every time you wear these precious pieces. Dress them up with fancy long skirts and slacks, or down with your favorite jeans. Vintage, vintage, vintage, what more can I say? Vintage Lucy thrives on your return visits and those of your friends, so do stop by often and add to your collection. Each piece is chosen with great care, then carefully and professionally restored, and don’t forget the years of memory magic in every thread. They are always with the new owner adding to the charm and attractiveness, making you unforgettable, so passers by will look back and remember you, and maybe even walk back and say “hi, would you mind if I walk a while with you, through the streets and gardens?” that is the magic of vintage. Don’t forget to ask for a hand made Vintage Lucy satin rose which I am always happy to include as a gift. Wonder about these spring days and enjoy the weather. Don’t forget your vintage umbrella, just in case, look about at all you can see and feel, leaving your electronic devices hidden away so they do not distract you from your walk. There is so much to enjoy in your vintage treasure. Thank you  for stopping by and spreading the word, as we so enjoy and appreciate your company, questions and suggestions. Have a most lovely day and hopefully we will see you soon.

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